Landing Page Development

Use landing pages to collect leads and test hypotheses.
It starts quickly (from 24 hours) and the same quickly begins to bring results.
What problems do the landing pages solve and what limitations do they have
  • Test & Learn
    Quickly test new hypotheses, estimate the market demand for a new product or the demand for an existing product in a new market
  • Lead generation
    Acquire new customers through a lead magnet, participation in a webinar, etc.
  • Limited to one offer
    1 landing page = only 1 product or service
  • Requires paid traffic
    Works in connection with targeted paid ad campaigns
what to consider before develop the landing page
  • The offer must be clear and understandable
    No ambiguous interpretations and formulations that require clarification. A clear and attractive offer should lead the client along the path "came - saw - ordered."
  • Think over landing page structure and necessary blocks
    Do you want to add a block about the history of your company to the page? Great idea, but why? The users saw an interesting ad, were not too lazy to go to the landing page, and now want to get the most relevant information. Give them only what they need, but do not overload the page with meanings.
  • Minimize traffic leaks from the landing page
    No extra distracting links. A landing page is for lead generation, not for SEO or image building.
  • Use different CTA
    Place different Call-to-Actions on the landing page and set up goals for them in Google Analytics. We collect data and only after that decide to leave 1-2 of them. CTA that worked great on one landing page may perform worse on another, so no "I'm sure" - only analytics, only data.
  • Check the funnel performance
    Unbelievable but true fact: many developers and marketers forget to test their own funnel. What does the layout look like in the web and mobile versions, do requests from the landing page reach CRM correctly? The customer journey should be smooth and clear.

We'll ask all the necessary questions and record the answers during the zoom call

Commercial Purpose
We prepare an advanced project plan and estimate

We analyze competitors and references from your niche


We develop a landing page, plug in all the necessary integrations, and give you all access

Landing Page development
from $300*

*Excluding the cost of hosting, domain and widgets.
metrics that we track
Conversion Rate
Measure how many users actually take the action the landing page is driving them toward
Bounce Rate
An auxiliary metric that allows you to understand in advance that there are problems. If more than 25% of CPC traffic goes to failure, we collect data across the entire funnel and analyze it in detail.
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