Influencer Marketing

Acquire potential customers through integrations in their favorite channels on Instagram, Telegram, YouTube and Twitter. And our experts will select the appropriate channels, check for live subscribers, request information about the conditions and prepare a media plan with budgets, coverage and estimated topics
what problems does Influencer Marketing solve
  • Reach your audience at additional touchpoints
  • Generate new subscribers and leads
  • Increase awareness
  • Tell the audience about complex products and services
just be aware
  • 1
    Some channels are created for the sole purpose of making money on integrations and are guilty of fake subscribers
  • 2
    Some interesting channels fundamentally do not host integrations or do not work with certain products
There are 2 ways to organize placements: use special platforms and pay for coverage, or select channels manually and negotiate directly.
We prefer the second option - it gives better results. But in cases where you need to get fast predictable coverage, we use automation.
What to consider before starting Influencer Marketing
  • Identify suitable themes and Tone of Voice for native integration
  • Check channels for live subscribers
  • Mark up a prepared post with UTMs
  • Prepare your own channel for receiving traffic
  • Control post publishing in each channel
Channel Selection
We collect the channels catalog manually and check for bots
Project Planning
• We contact each channel representative to find out the cost of integration
• We pay for placement for each admin/blogger
Content Creation
• We write posts for integration or key points for a blogger with links and develop funnels
• We send posts/abstracts to each admin/blogger
We control the output of the post in each channel and track the metrics
metrics that we track
  • Reach
  • Engagement Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Clics
  • CPM
  • CPC
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