Email Marketing &
Messenger Marketing
(CRM Marketing)

Set up smooth communication with customers in all channels - messengers and e-mail. And our CRM Marketing experts will take care of the competent setting and a single tone of voice.
What problems does the CRM Marketing solve and what limitations does it have
  • Unload sales managers
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Increase conversion to sales
  • Increase the loyalty of existing customers
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Reanimate your lost, unsold and inactive CRM opportunities
  • Reduce the customer acquisition costs
  • Integrate closely with other marketing activities, such as lead generation
  • Email-campaigns
    Newsletters, transactional emails, drip campaigns and much more types of email communication
  • Messanger Chatbots
    Automated communication in WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct
  • Website Chatbot
    A common tool for increasing website conversion, improves the efficiency of communication with customers
  • Push-notifications
    A short message that appears as a pop-up on your desktop browser, a mobile home screen that attracts attention and informs about special offers or updates
What to consider before launching email and messenger marketing campaigns
  • Consider the customer journey
  • Test automation and integrations
  • Provide a single Tone of Voice in all channels
  • Introduce sales managers to the logic and content of chatbots and e-mail newsletters
  • Track the results of work and fine-tune communications based on user behavior

We'll ask all the necessary questions and record the answers during the zoom call

Commercial Purpose
We prepare a commercial purpose with a budget based on the number of channels and number and complexity of scenarios

We look at past initiatives and competitor's messages to develop best ad tactic to achieve your goals

Project Planning
We prepare a communication strategy and a detailed work plan for the first month
Launching & Monitoring

We track performance and share with you the key takeaways and optimizations

CRM Marketing metrics that we track
The percentage of email recipients who open a given email
Conversion Rate
The percentage of message recipients who clicked on a link within a message or email and completed a certain action
Forwarding Rate
The percentage of responses to a message or email
Unsubscribe Rate
The percentage of email recipients unsubscribe from your send list after opening a message or email
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