CRM Implementation

Get a ready-to-use system for managing sales and customer base, customized for your business processes. And our experts will take care of all the necessary integrations, settings, employee training and knowledge base.
what problems does CRM solve
  • Increase the conversion of leads into sales
  • Monitor the performance and effectiveness of the sales team
  • Automate part of business processes, speed up routine operations
  • Get additional sales from the development of the client base
  • Gather and evaluate analytics data in sales and marketing
  • Build a 360 marketing communication with customers
just be aware
  • 1
    Universal CRM is not suitable for a business that works constantly with only a few large clients or has a large number of small clients with which managers do not work directly (for example, banks, telecom companies)
  • 2
    Efficiency depends on proper setup and employee training

3 components of operational CRM:

  1. Sales Force Automation
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Customer Service Solutions
what to consider when implementing CRM
  • What the objectives?
    Define a list of tasks that CRM should perform. The more specific, the better: “improve sales” is bad, “automatically notify the customer when an order is received” is good.
  • Required integrations
    Provide integration with existing software, such as accounting programs and electronic document management. It will be more convenient for everyone if your managers work in one window.
  • Communication channels
    Think about ways to communicate through all channels convenient for your customers and sales managers.
  • Creating a CRM Culture
    Very often, the successful implementation is hindered by employees who are afraid of change and refuse to work with new software. It is essential to show how the results of using CRM become part of the normal workflow and how CRM supports organizational reporting.
Project implementation period - from 7 days

We will find a solution on how to get the best result within a reasonable time and budget. Based on the results of the express analysis, we will prepare a project plan and all the necessary documentation to start work.

Clarify the details for specification
We will conduct interviews with employees of your company, and study the processes. If you don't have regulations yet, we'll help you develop them. The correct implementation of the CRM system will radically change the processes of the company, and make it more flexible and dynamic.
CRM implementation

After preparing the regulations and terms of reference, we will begin the technical implementation of the CRM system and employee training

After implementation, we will test the CRM system for consistency between the expected behavior and the actual behavior of the system. If we found discrepancies, then we solve them as soon as possible.
Ready to use!
Now you have an implemented CRM system, important business processes are automated. You are not left alone with the product - we are always in touch with you!
Kommo CRM has an unlimited number of users and has only a cloud version of the product (you cannot programmatically modify the code, but you can write third-party applications).

  • Kommo adds a whole set of messaging apps to your arsenal, equipping your reps to respond lighting-fast to hot leads and drive more sales.
  • You can pinpoint the progress of every single lead, preview its task status and get the big picture of the health of your overall sales.
  • The full-featured mobile app keeps your team equipped even when they’re not at their desks.
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