We produce marketing for startups

Make it to the next sprint

We attract the first customers to your business in 14 days. We grow with you.

These are our most popular services

The total experience of employees in these services is thousands of years (according to our calculation method)

  • Setting up advertising campaigns in all channels

    Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, VK, Bloggers, Telegram channels, etc.

    Select a channel according to your needs.

  • Landing page production

    We make 99% of landings (including this one) on Tilda. We test marketing and business hypotheses in no time.

  • Analytics and correct conclusions

    Boring signs and boring texts about how your target audience behaves on the Internet and whether it is possible to make money on it. We are looking for points of multiple growth, both in marketing and within the product. We build beautiful dashboards that help you figure out what is happening and where to go next.

  • "Auto Funnels and Sales Tunnels"

    Or automation and scaling of monotonous stages of sales. As you prefer.

Nothing is clear, can I just consult?

It's possible, for this we have Basil, who speaks a simple human language.

1. You will tell about your business and tasks
2. We will offer options on how to do everything
Why choose us over an agency or freelancer
Call us a bureau, it's fashionable now.
  • Just what you need

    Without any attempts to sell a marketing strategy where it is not needed, take an advance payment for 3 months and put a personal manager on you.

  • We understand the importance of deadlines

    If we don't meet the deadline, we work for food. Without long buildup and approvals. Understand the task. Reach an agreement. Run.

  • We don't disappear

    Always in touch and do not throw in ignore if something goes wrong. And even relatively serious agencies are capable of this.

  • We take only feasible projects

    We will honestly tell you if your project is difficult or incomprehensible for us. Otherwise, the magic won't work.

Who we are
  • Basil


    Certified marketer with experience in agencies and startups, in the profession since 2012. Implemented over 100 projects.

  • Marina

    Contextual advertising specialist

    Knows everything about advertising in Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo. Launched over 200 projects

  • Basil

    Project Manager

    For more than 5 years, he has been turning client ideas into tasks for the team, and analytics numbers into insights

  • Elena


    In the profession for 12 years, during this time she wrote more than 10,000 selling texts

  • Alex


    Favorite topic of conversation - advertising in social networks. 6 years working with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK

  • Katrine

    SMM specialist

    7 years helping businesses build communication through social networks and attract new customers

  • Alexander

    Website development specialist

    Over the past 5 years, I have made more than 100 websites, from landing pages to online stores

  • Svetlana

    Email Marketer

    Knows everything about warm-up and trigger mailings, onboarding emails

Clients love us

What projects are we interested in
and which not so much

    • Online education
    • IT startups, SaaS
    • The medicine
    • Certified psychologists
    • Complex b2c services

    • Success Courses
    • Fortunetellers and psychics
    • Investments and financial success
    • Bookmakers
    • --Other Questionable Projects--

And how can fortune-tellers advance now?

Сards will tell you ;)

There are three rates

We give the illusion of choice, but we will still brief for a couple of hours

Marketing director

You know exactly what you want. Only fast and responsible hands are needed

from $700
  • Suitable if you understand marketing and you need experienced professionals who will do everything efficiently.
Let's work


You know your product and target audience. But have no idea how to promote it

from $1'100
  • Suitable if you have heard something about the promotion, but do not understand anything about it. We will help you understand and tighten the product for the target audience.
This is about me


You feel that there is a profitable topic and you want to know how much you can earn on it without spending millions on tests.

from $1'900
  • Suitable if you only have an idea and want to quickly test it without capital expenditures.
My topic

Some of our services are listed in more detail

  • -1-

    We will find a hot audience in social networks and show them your ads

  • -2-

    The hottest traffic, real sales pipeline

  • -3-

    We will establish a dialogue with the audience, you know how important it is

  • -4-

    More conversions than a multi-pager, and starts super fast

  • -5-

    We automate part of the sales funnel for you

  • -6-

    We know how to work with pay for leads, but not immediately, first you need to look at each other

How it all happens


We get acquainted with the project. Lots of strange questions about your project. But they are all very important.

We define goals and objectives

We synchronize in understanding what you want to get as a result and where you want to go. The most important stage for productive work.

We conclude a contract and agree on terms

We clearly define deadlines and responsibilities.

We fix the agreements with a simple but detailed contract

We work

You are minding your business. We do not bother you with questions, we only clarify something really important. We test hypotheses, supply you with reports, learnings and ideas, if necessary.

We give you all the materials, accounts and reports

NOT extra charge

Like each other on social media

And we will not part forever. We answer questions about the project for six months.

We comply with NDA. Your developments and ideas will not go to competitors

Our principles

in the unprincipled world of advertising

  • We do not take commission

    We do not impose an advertising channel on you based on our own commissions. The main thing is not the size of the commission, but the task performed.
  • We give access and all materials
    From the first day of work, you see what happens. And after the completion of cooperation, you can use all the materials. We fix it in the contract.
  • Focusing on data

    LTV, CAC, ROI, Retention rate are not just buzzwords for us, but daily work. What can I say, we have a certified marketing director in our staff!

It's time to take the first step

We will call you back with a ready-made solution to your problem, if you describe the task in more detail

Describe your task