We will attract customers to business

Marketing with a scientific approach in the USA and Europe
Our services
Exact targeting allow us to show your ads

hot audience

Reliable source of target traffic and real sales conveyor for your business
Creation, filling, development of companies accounts

on Facebook & Instagram. Increasing the number of subscribers, sales using social networks

The conversion is higher than that of a multi -page, quick launch
Automation of the middle part of the sales funnel
Get contacts from potential customers at a pre -agreed cost
Who are we
We are a team of professionals with experience in building marketing processes at the European level with a scientific approach.
All that modern business needs:
  • Advertising in social networks and search engines
  • Promotion of accounts in social networks
  • Website development
  • The introduction of through analytics, chat bots and CRM systems
  • Conducting marketing research and preparing a marketing strategy.

We will analyze the work of your marketers and give recommendations on how to make their work more efficiently. If necessary, we will build a direction of marketing from scratch.

We are not an agency

We are a bureau that knows how to launch marketing from scratch for new businesses and new markets
Why choose us

We are your outsourced marketing department. We do not just set up ads, but dive into your business and work to achieve key business indicators.

  • Quality work
    In work, we strive to achieve maximum quality, regardless of the size of the client’s business and a set of marketing tools.
  • Examination
    We have accumulated extensive experience in marketing and sales. From analytics of marketing indicators to building a marketing and sales system from scratch. Nerd Solution offers a wide range of knowledge to achieve your goals.
  • Scientific approach
    Unlike many marketing agencies, we work on the basis of data, not forebodings or internal beliefs. This allows us to quickly achieve goals and clearly understand what exactly gives the best results.
  • Employment abroad for IT specialists
    New paying customers for $ 13, which is 10 times cheaper than the customer expected.
  • Smart toy manufacturer for children
    Sales growth of 2.6 times during the year while maintaining the cost of attracting a buyer
  • Industrial boiler equipment
    Increasing the number of applications from B2B clients from 1 to 12 per month
  • International Logistic Company
    Customer attracting and returning system from scratch
The numbers speak about us
14 experts
A strong team of narrow specialists who know their job perfectly
> 200 projects
We helped to achieve business targets more than two hundred companies.
36 percent
On average, the revenue of companies from the channels that we take to work is growing so much
7 days
We need so much to launch most of the projects.

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