Targeted advertising
on Facebook & Instagram

We will find a hot audience in social networks
and show your ads
Plan a 10-minute conversation. We will talk about the service and answer your questions
Advantages of targeted advertising

High conversion

We will show advertising only to those users who are interested in your offer.

Flexible settings

We will compose a portrait of the audience that will definitely buy. For this, social networks provide a wide set of targeting: gender, age, family position, geo, interests, behavior and other parameters.

Transparent investment

20% of loyal customers brings 80% of income - 4 times more than one -time buyers. Enough your audience, keep her attention and lead to sales!
Sooner or later, the audience ends in Performance and you need to look for it somewhere else. Behavioral targeting and accurate analysts make targeted advertising in social networks an important auxiliary element of the performance. The tool is suitable for companies of any scale: from a nascent startup to large business.


We plunge into your business. We get acquainted with the project, analyze the target audience and competitors.


We are developing a strategy. We determine the goals of the advertising campaign and coordinate the KPI.

We set up the analytics

We set up goals in Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics to control the coordinated KPI.

Set up the analytics

We set up goals in Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics to control the coordinated KPI

We set up and launch the campaign

We are looking for an audience on social networks, we create graphic creatives, write ads texts, set their shows. We pass META moderation, conduct a campaign test and wait for responses from users
Optimize the campaign and improve the indicators

We connect additional options and tools, adjust strategies and an advertising campaign

Provide detailed reports

We report on the settings, maintenance and effectiveness of your targeted advertising

Maintaining advertising campaigns
on Facebook & Instagram
from $390*

* Excluding the budget for advertising
  • Employment abroad for IT specialists
    New paying customers for $ 13, which is 10 times cheaper than the customer expected.
  • Smart toy manufacturer for children
    Sales growth of 2.6 times during the year while maintaining the cost of attracting a buyer
  • Industrial boiler equipment
    Increasing the number of applications from B2B clients from 1 to 12 per month
  • International Logistic Company
    Customer attracting and returning system from scratch
10-minute consultation
We will discuss your tasks
and answer the main questions