SMM - Social Media Management

We will increase the popularity of your brand and establish a dialogue with the audience
Plan a 10-minute conversation. We will talk about the service and answer your questions
Pluses of SMM
The most loyal audience
Users of social networks use sites to search for information, are open to interesting offers and willingly share with each other what they liked.
Manage consumers
Creating and promoting discussions, you can track the reaction of the audience, communicate directly, eliminate the negative and evaluate prospects.
Get more sales
20% of loyal customers brings 80% of income - 4 times more than one -time buyers. Enough your audience, keep her attention, lead to sales!
SMM process is not just the design and maintenance of communities or pages in social networks. This is the formation of a strategy, increase LTV, ORM (reputation management), increased loyal subscribers and competent targeting. It is the complex of work that will help to achieve maximum return and renew the costs of promotion.


We study the specifics of your business, conduct an audit of the target audience and competitors. We determine the goals and objectives of the SMM, introduce you to the design group.

Promotion strategy
We make a step-by-step plan to achieve the goals, set the priorities of the work and prepare the content plan.
Registration and maintenance of groups or pages

We develop a visual design in the style of your company and fill the community or page with interesting posts.

Agency work report
We regularly provide reports on the work done and results.

* The price is indicated for a month of work, without VAT.

  • Presence

    create an image and receive targeted actions

    Facebook or Instagram to choose

    20 posts per month

    from $490

  • Involvement

    Establish contact with the target audience, manage a reputation (ORM), receive targeted actions.

    Facebook and Instagram

    • 15 posts per month in each network
    • Increase in the base of subscribers

    from $990
  • Full package

    establish large-scale interaction with the target audience, receive targeted actions

    Facebook and Instagram

    • 20 posts per month in each network
    • Increase in the base of subscribers
    • Work with comments
    • Sales on social networks

    from $1'990

We are not an agency

We are a bureau that knows how to launch marketing from scratch for new businesses and new markets

To attract subscribers, we use only white promotion methods - targeted advertising, communities, work with bloggers.
10-minute consultation
We will discuss your tasks
and answer the main questions