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Leadgeneration is one of the options for advertising business promotion with KPI by the number and value of applications, calls or final sales. The lead can be considered a different goal of the project.

The main plus of Leadgeneration is a fixed maximum cost of contacting the company.
Three pluses of working with us

-Predictable number of applications

You can plan the workload of your sales department and the frequency of supplies


The understandable economy of the project

Having determined the maximum price of the application in advance, you will be sure that the channel does not generate losses


Solving the problem as a whole

Business owner no longer needs to delve into the little things. Leadgeneration solves turnkey the problem of attracting customers for business.


Most often, Leadgeneration is used to get contacts from potential customers. Her goal is business sales. In most cases, the first 2 months the company works with payment for traffic, evaluating the cost of lead. Then, a transition to payment for contact and even a more advanced option with payment for sales is possible.

The Nerd Solution agency provides Leadgeneration services in the USA, Canada and Europe. You can find out more about cases and prices from the managers of our company by contacting the phone or applying on the site.

Choose channels

We select the most effective channels for attracting advertising traffic: Facebook & Instagram, Google, Teaser and banner networks, retargeting and remarketing, commodity aggregators, geoservices.


We prepare the landing page to obtain maximum conversion potential, install analytics systems.

We organize the instant transmission of leads to the customer.


We launch advertising campaigns, produce improvements, choosing the most conversion advertisements and channels for attracting potential leads.

Payment for leads

We evaluate the average cost of lead and go to work with payment for applications or targeted actions.

We are not an agency

We are a bureau that knows how to launch marketing from scratch for new businesses and new markets
Free express analysis
Before making a decision about working with us, you can request a preliminary analysis of your advertising campaigns.

We will conduct a free audit of your current value of Lida and the effectiveness of the existing system of attracting customers.

We will also compile a prognosis for the effectiveness of our work: the cost of the visitor, the conversion coefficient, the cost of the application.
10-minute consultation
We will discuss your tasks
and answer the main questions