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More conversion than that of a multi -page site,

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Advantages Landing page

More conversion

One-page site is a brief and capacious presentation of goods with a convenient structure.
The visitor quickly finds the necessary information and actively reacts to the call to action, and the attractive design reliably holds his attention.
Fast launch
In 10 days we will create a prototype, write selling texts, develop a design, check the site, connect the domain and test. It remains to launch advertising, and your landing will bring the first results the next day after the start. To do this, you do not have to look for new contractors - in our agency you can order any kind of promotion.
We do not use template solutions: your page will have an individual design. We will do everything possible for the landing to stand out against the backdrop of competitors, finds the maximum response from the visitor, increase sales and solve your business.
We create a turnkey Landing Page: from the concept to technical implementation and unique filling. You will receive a finished page that will attract visitors, will focus on the benefits of the goods, close the objections and push the purchase.

We study your business, analyze the target audience and competitors. We determine the tasks of a single -page site, methods of its promotion, expected conversion.

We write texts that answer user questions, close objections, create the right impression of the product and encourage targeted operations.
Prototype and design-concept

We draw a page that meets your wishes, prototype and the last requirements of web design. We adapt the layout for mobile devices.

We show you the finished layout, coordinate it, make edits.
Page layout and check

We create an adaptive layout, check the layout and transfer to a combat domain. We test the load speed and the correct display of the landing page in the browsers.

Project delivery
We make final adjustments and give you all access.

The correct one -page site is an excellent sales tool in context and targeted advertising. Do not waste time and nerves on the search for contractors: you can immediately order advertising and web analytics from us.

The correct Landing Page is a powerful tool for attracting the target audience, as well as to increase the conversion by 30% or more. There is nothing superfluous on the page: only selling texts, a logical structure, a catchy design. All this helps to focus the user on the content, create the right perception of information, push it to targeted operations: a call, registration, subscription or placing an order.
At first glance, it seems that a single -page site is easy and fast. And there is. But to make it a tool for sales, knowledge and skills are needed. We will have to spend a lot of time and effort, find specialists, engage in testing and adjustments. There is a way to save these valuable resources for business: order a turnkey landing page ready for sales at Nerd Solution.
Landing Page Development costs
from $990*

* Excluding the cost of hosting, domain and widgets.
We do not work with template solutions. Our design is always unique.
10-minute consultation
We will discuss your tasks
and answer the main questions