Google Advertisements

The reliable source of target traffic and the real conveyor of sales
Plan a 10-minute conversation. We will talk about the service and answer your questions
Advertising advantages in Google
Targeted traffic
Show ads to people who are already looking for information about your goods and services
Artificial intelligence
The ability to manage advertising based on large data using automatic strategies
Transparent statistics
Our analytical dashboard will help to see the first results in a timely manner and visualize them
Every day the largest search engine of the world visits more than 12 million people, and we will help you find among them the audience you need.
We set up the campaign from scratch and optimize the existing contextual advertising in Google AdWords. We help to achieve any KPI, be it attracting visitors to the site, increasing the number of calls or sales
We study the project
We plunge into your business, get acquainted with the specifics of the niche and the activity of competitors, determine the target audience.
Determine the KPI
We coordinate CPA, CPO, ROI, number of calls from the site and other target indicators.
We set up an advertising campaign
We set up analytics, goals in Google Analytics, targeting. We prepare advertisements, select the keys and minus words. We launch contextual Google advertising.
We optimize the campaign and improve the indicators
We use additional tools and options, correct the flaws, adjust the rates, reduce the cost of clicks, increase the effectiveness of advertising
We provide detailed reports
We prepare reports. We provide detailed reporting on work and the results of accommodation in Google AdWords. We draw up recommendations for further maintenance of the campaign. In the future, you can order the placement of other types of advertising in Nerd Solution without wasting time to search for new contractors - we are an agency of the full cycle and provide complex marketing services

Running advertising campaigns on Google

costs from $390*

* Excluding the budget for advertising.
The cost of accommodation in Google ADS directly depends on the specifics of your business. The fewer competitors you have and the better the campaign is tuned, the cheaper. The advertising budget is calculated individually, so we can only answer the question only after we get acquainted with your business and the goals of the campaign.
10-minute consultation
We will discuss your tasks
and answer the main questions