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The bot automates part of the sales funnel and unloads your employees

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The advantages of the chatbot

Optimization of customer involvement

Automate and optimize the processes of attracting, qualifications and development of leads. Increase the conversion of lyidogenation with the help of interactive fascinating communication with the client. Optimize the process of qualification of leads.
A deep understanding of customers
Chat bots perfectly collect data for a friendly conversation, and therefore serve as an indispensable source of useful information about pain and customer preferences. And most importantly, they use this data and adapt to the client in real time.
Impeccable client experience

Introduce new products and services. Provide customers with relevant product information. Make personalized offers. Give customers promotional codes for a discount. Use UPSell and Cross-Sell tools in the purchase process. Bots are available 24/7 and the client can always quickly get answers to his questions.

The cost of developing a chatbot is
from $390*

10-minute consultation
We will discuss your tasks
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