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Quality marketing with a scientific approach.
You run your business, we help you find customers.
What We Offer
In our work we focus on the effectiveness for the client, and choose the optimal combination of tools
Get a high-converting Landing Page.
More leads than a multi-page site, launch in a short time
Landing pages
Promote products or services through email newsletters. Email marketing is a top digital media tool that can not only attract and retain customers, but also increase brand loyalty.

Google PPC
Contextual advertising in Google
The most reliable source of target traffic.

Paid Social
Targeted advertising on Facebook & Instagram
We will find the target audience in social networks and show it your ads
SMM - Promotion in social networks
Increase the popularity of your brand and establish a dialogue with the audience
Landing pages
About Us
We help brands
scale with great marketing
We are a team of professionals with experience in building marketing processes at the European level with a scientific approach.
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Why Choose Us
We more than just a
marketing agency
Everything that a modern business needs: advertising in social networks and search engines, promotion of accounts in social networks, website development, implementation of end-to-end analytics, chat bots and CRM systems, marketing research and preparation of a marketing strategy.

We will analyze the work of your marketers and give recommendations on how to make their work more efficient. If necessary, we will build a marketing direction from scratch.
From marketing performance to building marketing from scratch Alagi Marketing offers a wide range of knowledge to achieve your goals.
We dive deep into the client's business to understand how to get the best results
Quality work
We strive to achieve maximum quality, regardless of the size of the client's business and the set of marketing tools.
Scientific approach
We operate based on data, not internal beliefs. This allows us to achieve goals faster and clearly understand what exactly gives the best results.
How much do we cost

We calculate the cost of each project based on our resource expences:
from $690
Responsible executors
You know exactly what you want. Only fast and responsible hands are needed

Suitable if you have already built marketing and now you need narrow specialists for specific tasks.
from $990
Marketers and Analyst
You know your product and target audience. But you don’t fully understand how to build optimal marketing.

We will join your processes, help you find the missing pieces of the puzzle and package the product.
from $1'490
Outsorced marketing department
You need marketing from scratch, or you have experience of independent work and want to reach a qualitatively new level.

We will analyze marketing needs, form a team and set up all processes
How much do we cost

We calculate the cost of each project based on our resource expences:
What Our Customers Say
Levan Papunashvili
The Alagi marketing team took a comprehensive approach to working on our project, offering the latest and most advanced ways to promote the brand and product. When we came for the promotion of Instagram accounts, we got full-fledged marketing support for the whole business.
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